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Brand asset management – what you need to know

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Branding is a difficult and challenging task. It is a task that can’t be left unattended as it will quickly lead to brand disruption and ultimately, you’ll fail with your branding strategy.

Truth is, building a brand requires consistency and dedication over time. And it is not a job that can be done without a solid brand strategy and company collaboration. The question is, how do you get there?

You need Brand Asset Management or BAM (in short). On this page we’ll take you through what, why and how a brand asset management system can help you sort out your branding processes and add value to your brand development.


Consistently presented brands are 3.5 times more likely to enjoy excellent brand visibility than those with an inconsistent brand presentation (Demand Metric).

Chapter 01

What is brand asset management and how does it work?

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What are Brand Assets?

First things first. Brand assets and digital assets are terms often used interchangeably, and for the sake of this content, let us clarify the difference.

Digital assets are all files that a company owns such as presentations, contracts, employee documents, purchase orders, you name it. Brand assets on the other hand, are only the brand resources and files directly related to the brand. Brand assets adds value to the brand name. They are created for the purpose of establishing a brand identity and achieving brand recognition. Asset such as logos, illustrations, icons, images, patterns, videos, sounds and branded files are brand assets.

All files employees and departments create have value for your company and it is key to recognize the importance of taking care of these valuables. If you don’t, unnecessary time and resources are repeatedly spent on searching for, and re-creating files. This causes hidden costs and inefficient company operations.

What is Brand Asset Management?

With our knowledge about brand assets freshened up, let’s move on. Brand asset management is the software that connects your brand assets with your brand guidelines and communication. This is the helping hand for marketers and brand managers who struggle to keep up with brand development and reach the brand strategy objectives.

This is Brand Asset Management


How does brand asset management work?

Instead of the tedious PDF’s explaining your guidelines in page after page, making it hard for anyone outside the marketing department to understand how to actually apply the rules, brand asset management happens online.

It’s the digital system that helps bring clarity to your brand guidelines, making it easy to use and utilize your brand without risking brand disruption. Brand asset management starts where your digital asset management system ends, and creates a seamless connection between your brand assets and your brand rules.

Powered by a digital asset management system, brand asset management happens by creating digital brand guidelines and directly connecting the rules to the brand assets.

Control your brand with brand asset management

Chapter 02

The importance of brand asset management and how you succeed

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Secure your branding processes

Brand asset management is important because branding or building your brand is crucial for your company’s growth. It’s that simple! And brand asset management is the tool you use to manage and succeed with your branding processes.

As stated, branding needs focus and nurture over time and this is why it is smart to have a system in place. A system that can help you control, maintain, and develop your brand without daily operations and disruptions getting in your way. One important step in succeeding with your branding, is in fact managing your brand assets.


Presenting your brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 33% (Lucidpress)

Manage your brand and build a brand that lasts

Successful brands did not get there by chance. With structure and dedication to their brand strategy over time, they have built their brand step by step. And successful brands have one thing in common - Consistency! This is not random.

Creating brand assets, publishing them to different platforms, and then making sure they are not outdated or off brand… This by itself is a handful. Think about all the required formats and filetypes, then add local adaptions to the equation. And keep in mind, this happens either way, the questions is: Are you involved in the processes, or are your colleagues creative on their own? And are they sticking to your brand guidelines?

A brand asset management tool, or brand portal if you will, helps managing your brand and its assets and you have a better chance of staying on brand. By having your assets presented and available along with your brand guidelines, it is easy for your colleagues and stakeholders to adapt your brand to their needs without risking brand irregularities.

Control your brand identity with brand asset management

Chapter 03

Why do you need a brand asset management solution

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Secure your brand development strategies with brand asset management

Brand development requires time and long-term nuturing. But with marketing trends and consumer behaviour changing faster than the speed of light, it is nearly impossible for marketers nowadays to keep up. Adapting to the market with Google Ads, blogs, social media postings, banner advertising, sending emails or what else. The number of platforms and channels we need to be present in and keeping the brand valid and relevant makes brand development difficult to manage manually. If you want to succeed you need to have structure and proper tools. 

Your brand is your most valuable assets, and you need to treat it as such. When we say brand, we are not just referring to your logo, we mean all your brand assets and visuals that you use to promote your products or business. With brand asset management at hand, managing your assets and your brand becomes easy:

  • BAM puts your brand into context: It’s easy to create brand guidelines when you can do it online. Your brand is always available and updated, and everyone can easily access exactly what they need. No need to download heavy PDF’s and read tons of pages.
  • BAM puts theory into practice: By presenting your brand guidelines in relevance to the actual brand assets online, there is no guessing. Anyone can quickly download or create assets online and voila – in seconds they’ll have what they need on-brand.
  • BAM protects your brand: With everything online and connected, seamless brand workflows are in place. BAM makes brand development easy. You can do it instantly and you can rest assure your latest updates are published in real-time. You do not have to worry about old rules or assets in circulation. Instead, you secure a consistent brand.

Streamlining your branding processes and company operations is of interest to any company. It comes down to staying on top and in front of your competitors and keeping up with your market needs. Today, with the Martech landscape growing by the minute, you can’t afford to sit back and do it the old-fashioned way. Random branding is simply not the recipe for success.

How Brand Asset Management ensures a succesful brand strategy

Chapter 04

BrandMaster's branding platform makes it easy to succeed with your brand development

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Grow and develop your brand with BrandMaster's leading brand asset management solution

Keeping your brand relevant, on-target and on-brand requires resources. This is highly time-consuming and if you do not manage to do it right, it is also expensive. But it is easy to overlook the complexity of your branding processes when you are in the middle of it all. Success requires a thorough self-examination, you need to know where you are, where you are going and then how will you get there?

  • Identify your branding challenges
  • Map up your current branding situation
  • Identify the strategy that will lead to growth
  • Identify your brand’s development metrics

Another important aspect of succeeding with your brand's growth, is to have a proper system in place. Compare building your brand to building your house - Would you manage to do so without any tools? Manpower is not enough to keep you going. To keep your brand up front and in center requires efficiency and simplicity - With the right tools, you'll get that and a whole lot more. 

Build your brand with BrandMaster

With our solutions, brand asset management becomes easy. You get to collect and present everything from one single location. As responsible for the brand and marketing, you’ll easily keep your brand updated and relevant, while everyone else can access and use your brand.

build your brand with brand asset management

Establish brand asset management that suits your brand and company

Our flexible platform and marketing tools allow you to create a solution perfectly matching your brand and your company. There are endless opportunities to choose from. 

Present your brand online

Create beautiful digital brand guidelines with simple navigation. Not everyone loves branding, so you have to make sure you make it easy. When they need a logo, give them the logo, not a tone of information about dos and don’ts. Digital brand guidelines eliminate misuse.

Put your brand into context

Connect your brand assets to your brand guidelines. With the ton of assets connected to a brand, you need to make it simple. Both for yourself who need to spend your valuable time on brand development, but also for the users. With tools for static assets, dynamic assets and even video creations, you can have a kick-ass brand asset management system. Prepare your assets as digital templates and rest assure everything else runs smoothly without your involvement.

Communicate your brand

Connect your guidelines and assets to a marketing planner for seamless communication flows between the marketing team and your colleagues. Brand development is not a one person job, and you need everyone on the same team. With our platform, you can include communication and planning to the workflows. This enables a seamless process between your brand and the strategy execution. Communicate and coordinate campaigns for social media, in-store sales promotions, email campaigns, web promotions, updates and more and execute in a timely manner. And the best part, you can follow the progress and know the status in real-time.

With BrandMaster the results speak for themselves. If you want to learn how our platform can elevate your brand, reach out and we’ll show you.

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