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In the everyday life of a marketer there are many challenges. Clear brand strategy goals, initiatives to support our branding and marketing efforts are planned and we are ready do go. But in the pile of tasks marketers have to deal with, building the brand and thinking long-term is hard.  

Ad hoc tasks and daily support is consuming our time. So how do we deal with this? With a brand management platform building a brand gets a whole lot easier. But what is brand management? 

In this page, we have gathered everything you need to know about brand management and how it benefits your branding efforts and marketing initiatives. This is the what, how and why's about brand management and how it benefits your entire company, not just the marketing team. 

Chapter 01

What is Brand Management and why is it important?

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What is Brand Management?

Building a popular and desirable brand and gaining a strong market position does not happen by coincidence – and this is what Brand Management is all about.

Brand Management is a range of functions and processes within marketing that involves strategies and techniques that make sure you reach your brand goals. Everything from establishing the framework for your brand and what brand perceptions you want your market to acquire, to analysing, processing, adapting, and developing your brand over time.

Brand Management is about increasing the brand value in the long run and establish a loyal customer base through proper brand associations. With the main objective of building, measuring, and controlling the brand value.

Why is Brand Management important?

Standing out from your competitors and establishing strong brand loyalty to your market segment requires you to secure your brand’s visibility. Competition is in parallel fierce. Studies shows that it takes consumers about 5-7 interactions with a brand, before it sticks.

If your competitors win this race, the battle for the consumer’s attention is quickly lost. Forbes refers to studies that shows that a consistent brand presentation across all platforms can increase your revenue by as much as 23%.

Keep in mind that you have to be ready for fast changes. Consumer preferences changes and the market changes. Without proper brand management in place that secures a flexible brand, your competitors will quickly outrun you. 

A proper brand management solution also makes sure your brand identity guidelines are always respected, securing brand consistency.

Manage your brand with brand management

Chapter 02

Empower your marketing department and involve all employees with brand identity guidelines

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Online brand identity guidelines deliver seamless brand management

Your brand is perhaps the apple of your eye. You care and nurture your brand as it was your own child. Same as real children, a brand is also in constant development. Children are influenced by external factors such as newsletters, trends and overall things that are happening in our society. This contributes to shaping a child’s identity over time.

Your brand’s identity tells you something about the recognition value. Your audience associates your identity with your products and services. With positive associations you are enabling customer loyalty and a reliable reputation.

Take control of your brand with your brand identity guidelines

A marketing department spread across different locations can be challenging in terms of brand management and organizing marketing activities. With proper brand management, marketing team collaboration and getting the desired control is easy . It’s all about communicating your brand values and associated assets with the intent to establish good market relations.

Brand Management is about the investment you put into your brand that secures the desired visibility and market position. And this is where you will need online brand identity guidelines.

Do you want to learn more about how to achieve success?

How to create digital brand identity guidelines

Chapter 03

Go online and streamline your branding processes with Brand Management

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Save time and streamline your brand development online

If your company is lacking brand control, inefficiency and time thieves will shortly occur. Time thieves that not only drain your marketing budget, but also harms your brand. However, with a proper brand management solution your company can easily streamline how you manage your branding processes, and simultaneously save both time and resources.

Make sure everything is stored in one place

An unnecessary time thief in a company is the time that goes to waste looking for brand assets and files that disappears partly or completely. Files that are often stored locally at the designer’s computer, distributed by emails, or that have simply gone missing. According to a study, marketers look for assets an average of 16 times a day, 35% of those times without success.

This steals a considerable amount of time. Time that goes to waste looking, or worse, the employees get tired of looking and create something on their own – without following the brand book and respecting the guidelines.

Make sure your company chose a brand management system where everything is stored in one central location. This way you secure a stable brand development strategy that protects your brand and ensure brand consistency. 

An effective brand is always updated

Brand identity is an important element in regard to company success. If new and old files are used interchangeable it will obviously become a challenge. It will harm the brands reputation, in addition to increased time consumption and unnecessary expenses.

With an online solution you make sure your content is always updated and available for everyone in your company. Not only will this be reducing the time you used to spend looking for assets, but you are also allowing your colleagues more flexibility.

This is why your company should consider online template technology

Brand building is crucial in the battle for getting that competitive edge over your competitors and standing out. For this reason, it is essential that you have the necessary tools that continuously empowers the strengthening of your brand building. With a brand system based on templates it is easier for your entire company to use your brand without compromising the brand identity guidelines.

Technology for your entire company, not just the marketing department

With a template solution everyone in your company that needs brand assets will have an easier workday. Online templates make sure employees can create their own marketing collateral without disrespecting the brand identity. Your brand is not only functional, it also increases company efficiency.

Online solutions are cost-efficient.

With online template technology freeing resources and reducing who needs to be involved in each task is easy. Designers will also be pleased by not having to be involved in every tiny change required. Publishing and launches requires considerably less time – reducing time and resources are money saved. Template technology will also reduce agency costs and at the end of the day, be a cost-efficient solution for your company.

develop your brand with brand management


60% of millenial consumers expect brands to consistent across different platforms (

Chapter 04

Empower your brand management with BrandMaster

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Get brand control with BrandMaster

Complete file chaos can easily lead to wrong use of logo or marketing collateral. The ripple effects are the challenges of managing your brand.

With our solutions, you’ll control and manage your brand with seamless automation and establish unified branding processes. All our solutions are designed and created to deliver complete brand management with powerful marketing and brand management tools.

Everything in one place

A huge challenge in regards to brand management is marketing collaterals and brand assets scattered in different locations, in addition to wrong usage.

With BrandMaster you will have a system where everything is collected in one place. This way you’ll avoid outdated material in distribution and time-thieves. Additionally, you make sure that every asset in use is aligned with the brand identity guidelines.

Always updated

With our applications you’ll administrate your brand online and secure an always up-to-date brand. This way you eliminate all challenges related to outdated content and brand assets. The result is a consistent and strong brand.

In BrandMaster we are keen on technology development. Committed to develop solutions that suits your brand and company today and tomorrow. With BrandMaster by your side you can rest assured that your brand is always ready to deliver, while you continuously work on the long-term and strategic brand development that grows your brand.

Flexible adoption

Our platform is cloud-based, thus always available. As the brand responsible this gives you added control. Changes in brand guidelines happens in real-time and you are always on top of how, when and where your content and assets are in use. In addition, our applications allow you to create and execute marketing activities with simplicity, ensuring seamless execution – on time and on target.

This is how easy Brand Management is with BrandMaster

Most brands face several challenges. Visibility in various channels, continuous optimalization of the brand, time-to-market, brand guidelines that needs to be followed and brand presentation and delivery needs to be analysed. The list is extensive and in the middle of the chaos, you need to have complete control of your brand.

With our brand management platform, you can say goodbye to the chaos and lower your shoulders. Our platform is designed for marketers and companies in need of full brand control.

Everything is online. Not only does it provide the entire company full flexibility and access, but it also ensures that you can eliminate the usual encounters with outdated content and assets in circulation, while knowing where and how your brand is used.

Why you need to invest in brand management

Your brand is closely related to the success of your business. And succeeding with your brand strategy is a must. This is what a brand management platform will help you with. 

In our online platform, collecting, organizing and sharing everything is intuitive and easy. All employees and stakeholders can easily access content and digital assets, without involving you. Calculate how much it saves both you and your colleagues time which has a positive impact on the company efficiency.

With brand management and BrandMaster on your team, brand control is within reach, along with time savings and an intuitive solution.

Are you ready to take the steps in elevating your brand? Or do you only want to learn a bit more about what we can offer? Or perhaps you need more insight in how you can convince your management?

Regardless of what you need, do not hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to chat (without any commitment) about the magic of our brand management platform.

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