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A marketer’s work life is hectic and full of challenges. Building a brand, executing marketing initiatives, and fulfilling brand strategy goals is what you want and need to spend your time on, but too often we are interrupted by ad hoc tasks and requests.

Balancing long-term and value-added work along with the necessary daily support is difficult. So how do we do this? With a brand management platform managing your brand becomes a whole lot easier. But what is brand management and what can it do for your brand.

We have gathered everything you need to know about brand management; the importance of it and how it benefits your branding processes and marketing initiatives. Simply said, here’s what, how and why brand management. This is a tool for your entire company, not just the marketing team. Start today and build your brand with ease.

Chapter 01

What is Brand Management and why do you need it?


What is brand management?

Building a brand, establishing a memorable and desirable brand that gains a strong market position doesn’t happen by coincidence – and this is what good brand management is all about.

Brand management is a range of functions and processes within marketing that includes strategies and practises that makes sure you reach your brand goals and objectives as intended. From the establishment of your brand identity, to building your brand, analysing your performance, adapting to market needs and changes and developing your brand over time. It’s all part of your brand management processes.

By embracing brand management and seeing it as a methodology of nurturing your entire branding processes in one seamless workflow, you’ll easier get the overview of what it takes to build and develop your brand in the long run. Proper brand management leads to increased brand value that attracts loyal customers and grow your business.

Why brand management is important

It’s a hard job getting your market’s attention. Building a strong brand image that attracts loyal customers requires brand visibility. Competition in parallel, is fierce. Studies shows that it takes consumers about 5-7 interactions with a brand before it sticks. So, not only do you have to secure visibility, but you also need to be brand consistent.

It’s not a newsflash that brand consistency is a key ingredient when building a brand, nevertheless, it’s not an easy accomplishment. If you don’t make sure that your brand looks the same in every presentation, the competitors who does will outperform you.


According to Forbes you can increase revenue as much as 23% if you manage to have a consistent brand presentation across all platforms.

Nevertheless, in our hectic workday it can be hard to manage this. The digital age requires marketers to work fast, accurate and on brand. If you add quality to the equation, you’ll have a conflict. How can you adapt to the market on time and on brand when speed is of essence? You need digital tools – A brand platform that will help you structure your brand management, establishing a flexible and practical brand that anyone in your company can use.

Why do you need a brand management platform?

In theory brand management is easy. It’s the practical part that is hard. Branding processes requires dedication and focus. Nevertheless, companies tend to tighten marketing resources and budgets which then puts strains on the marketing team.

Unfortunately, the workday often consists of more than building a brand. Colleagues requesting files and design adjustments is common, lost files and re-creations even more so and even worse, colleagues are being creative on their own… Which of course results in brand inconsistency. It’s a nightmare on repeat if you don’t take control. Simply said, you need to take central control of your brand and distribute your marketing seamlessly and coordinated. What other reasons do you need to know you need a brand management platform?

Manage your brand with brand management

Chapter 02

Centralize your brand management and succeed with your brand development strategies

Background - pillar 01

We can all agree that brand management is important, but how brand management is executed can mean the world of difference for your brand. With the above freshly in mind, let’s look at how the platform can benefit your brand development, both internally and externally.

Establish central brand management

Branding is not a one-person job. It requires your entire company, employees and stakeholders all pulling in the same direction. To get there you need to make sure everyone understands your brand and its purpose and are involved with the strategy on how to get there.

With a brand management platform, you’ll have one central place for everything – a home for your brand.

By centralizing your brand, you’ll be able to work smarter and more efficient. Collect everything about your brand in one place, create a digital brand book and connect every brand asset and information. Then, add tools such as digital brand templates, a marketing planner and perhaps an online shop and create automatic workflows that guides your users from a-z in no time.

Now regardless of internal or external stakeholders, your brand is centralized and unified. Everyone gets the same information and has access to the exact same brand. And the best part, as the brand owner, maintenance and brand development are easy.

a home for your brand


Manage brand development strategies with simplicity

Your brand is perhaps the apple of your eye. You care and nurture your brand as it was your own child. Same as real children, a brand is also in constant development. Children are influenced by external factors such as newsletters, trends and overall things that are happening in our society. This contributes to shaping a child’s identity over time.

The same logic can be transferred to your brand development. Your brand is not a static object, it needs constant nurturing. Your brand strategies can’t be written in stone. When the market changes, your brand plan needs to adapt.

When proper branding processes are organized in one single place, brand development becomes easy. Simply change, adapt, and develop – Updates are done in real-time, and everyone has access to one single brand.

develop your brand with brand management

Chapter 03

Brand Management tools unifies marketing collaboration

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As previously mentioned, branding is a job that requires everyone in the company to pull in the same direction and a brand management platform is the first step in that direction.

There are a ton of digital tools available in the market. Before you invest, make sure you know what you need, not only the marketing department, but your entire company.

Marketing collaboration made easy

A marketing department spread across different locations can be challenging in terms of brand management and organizing marketing activities. With proper brand management, marketing team collaboration and getting the desired control is easy. With everything smartly collected and organized in one single place you have one source of truth. Automated workstreams and seamless communication flow is given.

Secure brand consistency with a brand management platform

The intention of brand guidelines is to explain and guide everyone in the company on how to use your brand and to secure brand consistency. Nevertheless, creating brand guidelines is easy. Ensuring everyone reads them, understands them and apply your brand correctly is a completely different story Unless you digitalize your brand book!


Studies shows that only 25% of companies have formal brand guidelines and actively enforce them (

The magic with online brand guidelines is the online part. Imagine how easy it is to administrate and update your guidelines when its in the cloud. You no longer have to worry about distributing heavy PDF’s by email or worry about who actually reads them. But let’s not forget about the usability. With digital brand guidelines the rules are perfectly connected with the actual brand assets which makes it simply for anyone to apply your brand correctly.

Secure distributed marketing with a brand management platform

In addition to securing brand consistency, a brand platform also safeguards how everyone in the company, including external stakeholders can make use of the marketing collateral and activities.

The ultimate brand management platform also has a digital asset management system, it offers digital design templates, and it empowers seamless workflows between everything. Regardless of who, applying your brand is made easy and smooth.


Internal branding strategy and brand management


Chapter 04

Boost marketing efficiency, streamline your branding processes with Brand Management

Background - pillar 02

According to Burst digital, a marketer will look for an asset 16 times a day and fail to find it 35% of the time.

Increase marketing efficiency

If your company lacks brand control, inefficiency and time thieves will shortly occur. Time thieves that not only drain your marketing budget, but also harms your brand. However, with a proper brand management solution your company can easily streamline how you manage your branding processes, and simultaneously save both time and resources.

Build a recognizable brand image

Brand identity is an important element for your company’s success. If new and old files are used interchangeable it will obviously become a challenge. It will harm the brands reputation, in addition to increased time consumption and unnecessary expenses.

With an online brand management platform, you’ll make sure your content and brand image is always up-to-date and available for everyone in your company. This reduces the time spent looking for assets, keeps your brand intact and it allows your colleagues more flexibility that encourage them to apply your brand correctly.

Online brand management solutions are cost-efficient

When everything is available and usable from one single location, freeing resources and reducing who needs to be involved in each task is easy. Employees don’t have to spend endless time searching and looking for brand assets. Designers don’t need to be involved in every tiny change request. Publishing and launching campaigns require considerably less time and your mailbox is no longer filling up with ad hoc tasks and requests that takes focus away from the long-term activities.

how to build a brand with brand management

Empower your brand building

An online solution benefits your entire company, but most importantly, it streamlines your brand management and secures your brand development.

Brand building is crucial in the battle for getting that competitive edge over your competitors and standing out. For this reason, it is essential that you have the necessary tools that continuously empowers the strengthening of your brand building. You need to look for a branding system that offers the tools you need to protect and nurture your brand strategy and development over time.


60% of millennial consumers expect brands to be consistent across different platforms (

Chapter 05

Why should you invest in a brand management platform?

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A system is only as good as you want it to be. Although software get you a long way, you still need to invest resources. Regardless, the wins easily makes up for your investment. A simple analysis of your current state and how time and money is wasted because there is no system or structure. In fact, check out our ROI calculator and check how your doing.  

With that said, it is recommended to conduct a thorough analysis before you make your choice and invest in brand management.

Benefits of investing in brand management

Brand consistency is secured

When everyone has access to the exact same information and collateral, there is no risk of old and outdated brand assets in circulation.

Increase company efficiency

When its easy to locate and make use of brand assets and marketing collateral, everyone in the company get’s more time on their hands.

Reduce unnecessary costs

When brand assets, collateral and information is collected and managed properly, the unnecessary use of external agencies; re-creating artwork, ordering small fixes, loosing assets and more is eliminated.

Marketing bottlenecks are gone

An Achilles heel for many marketers is the amount of ad hoc tasks that occur on a daily basis. It’s hard to get around and delivery promptly when time is of essence. With a brand platform in place, this is no longer an issue.

If you need to dig deeper in the reasons why investing in brand management is a good thing. Check this out.

reasons for investing in marketing and brand management

Chapter 06

Master your brand with BrandMaster’s brand management platform

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With our platform, you’ll control and manage your brand with seamless automation and unified branding processes. Our applications are designed and created to deliver complete brand management with powerful marketing and brand management tools.

Collect your brand and marketing in one place

A huge challenge regarding brand management, apart from incorrect brand usage, is marketing collaterals and brand assets scattered in different locations.

With BrandMaster you will have a system where everything is collected in one single location. This way you’ll avoid outdated material in distribution and unnecessary time-thieves. But also, you make sure that every asset in use is aligned with your brand identity guidelines.

Keeping your brand up to date

With our applications you’ll administrate your brand online and making sure it is always up to date. This way you eliminate all challenges related to outdated content and brand assets. The result is a consistent and strong brand.

In BrandMaster we are keen on technology development. Committed to develop solutions that suits your brand and company today and tomorrow. With BrandMaster by your side you can rest assured that your brand is always ready to deliver, while you continuously work on the long-term and strategic brand development that grows your brand.

Keeping your brand market relevant

Our platform is cloud-based, thus always online. As the brand responsible this gives you added control. Changes in brand guidelines happens in real-time and you are always on top of how, when and where your content and assets are in use. With our tools, users can even change brand assets themselves without wrecking your brand. Our applications also allow you to create and execute marketing activities with simplicity, ensuring seamless execution – on time and on target.

This is how easy Brand Management is with BrandMaster

Your brand is closely related to the success of your business. And succeeding with your brand strategy is a must. This is what our brand management platform will help you with.

Most brands face several challenges. Visibility in various channels, continuous optimalization of the brand, time-to-market, brand guidelines that needs to be followed and brand presentation and delivery needs to be analysed. The list is extensive and in the middle of the chaos, you need to have complete control of your brand.

With our brand management platform, you can say goodbye to the chaos and lower your shoulders. Our platform is designed for marketers and companies in need of full brand control.

Are you ready to take the steps in elevating your brand? Or do you only want to learn a bit more about what we can offer? Or perhaps you need more insight in how you can convince your management?

Regardless of what you need, do not hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to chat (without any commitment) about the magic of our brand management platform.

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