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The perfect rebranding: from brand canvas to implementation

Redefining your brand identity can be a challenge these days for many brand owners. In this webinar Jean-Marc König and Bernd Schusky will illustrate the journey of a rebrand with examples from well-known brands.

Rebranding success

Many brand owners face the challenge of redefining their brand identity. Because while some of the outcomes and objectives of a rebranding may be clear, the journey to get there can be quite blurry.

In this webinar Jean-Marc König and Bernd Schusky will discuss how to navigate the journey of a rebrand, ensuring the right questions are asked and worked on by all involved stakeholders.

Key ingredients that will be covered include:

  • How to use the Brand Management Canvas
  • Technology to support the efficient implementation of the rebrand
  • Moving from huge branding milestones to an agile approach

This discussion will be illustrated with examples from well-known brands like FIFA, Bundesliga, BMW, SSE, SIX or Equinor.


Jean-Marc König
Managing Director DACH at BrandMaster.

BrandMaster is a cloud-based brand asset management platform created by and for marketing professionals. It makes it easy to deploy assets, create outstanding promotional materials, and streamline marketing operations while always ensuring that everything remains brand compliant.


Bernd Schusky_-2

Bernd Shusky
Brand Management consultant and entrepreneur at Brand Management Canvas.

Bernd was Bundesliga’s Head of Brand and managed FIFA’s corporate communication before. Trio to that he accompanied several rebranding projects with Germany’s leading branding agency MetaDesign in Berlin.

Today he is coaching and advising Chief Brand Officers by evaluating the maturity of their brand management setup and helping CBOs to implement state-of-the-art brand management.








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